Archived on 6/5/2022

Convert VHS to Digital Service

9 Jan '20

VHS videotapes deteriorate over time, not to mention equipment for such movie formats are becoming obsolete.

Our tape conversion service provides industry-leading transfers of camcorder tapes and videotapes to MP4 or MOV format and can be provided on USB stick or cloud download.

Price per VHS tape:
£20 up to 2 hours
£10 (additional) for anything over the 2 hours

Price per Camcorder tape:
£10 up to 1 hour
£5 (additional) for anything over the 1 hour

16GB USB Memory Stick: £5
(One memory stick containing all your files, one MP4/MOV file is provided per videotape. Perfect for using with your computer or TV)

Privacy Policy: Your personal data will remain adequately protected and will be held for 30 days before being permanently deleted. All original VHS cassette tape and any copies made will be provided to you.

Based in SE23, London (SE London resident for over 13 years)