Archived on 6/5/2022

Malibu House - CCTV (Off Kirkdale)

8 Jan '20

Hi folks,

Does anyone know who I might be able to contact around some CCTV footage from Malibu House? My car was parked across the road from it yesterday (on Fransfield Grove) and someone, who I’m guessing was using the entrance to turn around, clipped my car yesterday (7th Jan) between about 1030 and 1200.

Naturally they didn’t leave a note or anything like that :angry:

I fear it’s a lost cause, but I’d rather like to find out who did it and claim on their insurance rather than my own if possible.

Thanks! (Also, not sure if ‘Crime’ was the right category here… I mean, it’s technically a crime but in the grand scheme of things it could be worse. Or so I keep telling myself!)

- Edited to provide detail on where the car was - i.e. Fransfield Grove - to avoid any risk of confusion with cars parked on the pavement by The Fitting Room etc.