Archived on 6/5/2022

Free bookswap box/library

31 Dec '19

Does anyone know how I’d go about setting up a community bookswap box in sydenham (close to high street) ? I think it would be lovely for members of the local community to simply pick up unwanted books for free and add in books.

3 Feb '20

Love this idea I was thinking of doing something on my drive.

3 Feb '20

Hello. Just wondering whether you got this idea off the ground? If you’d like any support then I’d be happy to help:
Great idea!

3 Feb '20

Great idea! If you need a hand with anything let me know! Might be worth us getting a donation for a box to be built by men’s in sheds ( think they did one for penge recently).

Then we just need to find a place to store it! Maybe the station will let us put it inside the hall?

4 Feb '20

Marvellous idea @CNW and suggestions in this thread

Do we have any phone boxes in Sydenham that could be repurposed? I adore this:

4 Feb '20

I’m happy to donate to this

5 Feb '20

Theres one on Kirkdale outside Tesco’s. Not an old red one though

25 Sep '20

Did anyone use the book swap shelve in front of former Coop?
What’s happening with it? It’s all empty suddenly.

27 Sep '20

That’s a real shame, as I was using it regularly, and there were always other people browsing.