Archived on 6/5/2022

Kangley Bridge Rd Parking

31 Oct '19

I’m a resident on on Kangley Bridge Rd, and the parking situation is becoming a nightmare. The other day I had to park ion Sainsbury’s and carry my twins back to house due to their being no parking.

Between the rail commuters, the clear way opposite the gym, and the car yard, resident parking is non existent if you leave your house during the day and come back, or while sports are on.

Can anyone suggest what to do - council did a survey at 5am and said their was no issue (or course there’s not at 5am). Just don’t know what to do.

31 Oct '19

I am a dialysis paitient at the Sydenham Dialysis unit on this road ,the hospital opens at 7 to be able to park near the hospital I have to arrive at 5/30 to get a parking space ,the main problem is the garage because he parks all his broken down vans cars in your road as of today 31 11 19 he has 14 vehicles scattered along Kangley bridge rd

31 Oct '19

We too are residents and find it a nightmare - i’ve written to the council and our local counsellor. No one seems interested. We’ve actually lost two spaces near us to rental electric vehicles, both of which haven’t moved in months.
I’ve just cancelled a dentist appointment on Saturday morning, after exclaiming ‘i’ll never be able to park the car again!’ to my other half. I’ll opt for the bus on a weekday instead!
We’ve resorted to using cones if we pop out to reserve the space. Not ideal.
Anyone with any suggestions would be GREAT.