Archived on 6/5/2022

Petrol station on Kirkdale - Closed

21 Oct '19

The petrol station on Kirkdale, just up from Mamma Dough & Sugahill cafe is very much closed and skip outside shop. Wonder how this site will develop?

21 Oct '19

Oh really. I assumed it did good trade !

23 Oct '19

It’s been a bit weird for a week or so- you had to pay at the window before filling, which was pretty pointless when we wanted to totally fill the tank and had no idea how much that would be! Seems like no one is using it now :frowning:

I’d like to know who’s leased the old costcutter on Kirkdale (apparently it’s been leased) and what’s going on with what used to be Beyond the Boxes (which seems to be undergoing a massive renovation).

25 Oct '19

I saw people working in the petrol station shop this morning so wonder if case of refurb, change of owners or will be empty and they are just making it safe…

26 Oct '19

It was totally closed this morning, so who knows… :man_shrugging:

29 Oct '19

Most odd that BP would allow it to get into this mess…