Archived on 6/5/2022

Catalytic Converter Thieves driving PX56 GFV Blue Vauxhall

7 Oct '19

At 1.10 pm today Mon 7th Oct catalytic converter thieves were seen in the act of jacking up my car, which had been parked in Hassocks Close. We interrupted them and they drove off but have broken the catalytic converter and done God knows what other damage.

There were 3 thieves and they were driving a pale blue Vauxhall registration number PX56 GFV. They drove off at considerable speed up Kirkdale towards Sydenham Hill or Thorpewood Avenue.

7 Oct '19

Sorry to hear this @marymck but pleased you manage to record the number plate. Let’s hope the police can act on this.

Another local catalytic converter theft was reported on July 31st in Devonshire Road.

It’s a trend unfortunately:
11 Oct '19

From our Facebook page:

9 Nov '19

My catalytic converter was stolen last week in Wiverton Road, I have CCTV of the thieves, it was on Sunday 3rd Nov, 1pm in the afternoon. The Police are keen to see the CCTV and also any other info from other people that have also had the same thing happen to them. Please contact me asap and I will forward on the info to the Police. These scumbags need to be stopped, they have got away with it for too long and if all the info comes together we must surely be able to help the Police enough to catch them

11 Nov '19

Hi Claire I will dig out the details of the officer who dealt with my case and I’ll PM you. Does it look like the same car?


2 Dec '19

Here’s a video of a theft in London this year:

Broad daylight, with people all around. So incredibly brazen.

15 Jan '20