Archived on 6/5/2022

OLSPN at Planning Committee A 3 October: approval / enforcement

25 Sep '19

Letter to Agent - Committee Notification and Enforcement Action (1) (1).pdf (151.5 KB)

30 Sep '19

I cannot help but feel this saga has gone on too long now, which is of course the fault of the planners and the developer, but I wonder if we as residents ought to give up on this battle and let the youngsters have their school, safe in the knowledge it will not be knocked down or closed for further remedial work. Even if the planning conditions were all met, this would still be a very ugly building. That much, we will never be able to remedy

30 Sep '19

@Vennerist I can see the argument on behalf of parents, pupils and the school but I applaud @jrw for her effort here. If the planning breaches are not corrected it sets a dangerous precedent in an area where there is beautiful architecture and streets that ought to be protected from ugly redevelopment.

30 Sep '19

I agree with Vennerist and I’m a local resident. There are a few objectors with loud voices - some of them don’t even live near the school. I feel sorry for the kids and teachers.