Archived on 6/5/2022

Sound Pollution and Traffic in Bell Green

25 Sep '19

Hi everyone,

I am conducting research on Bell Green .

Can you give me an idea of your grievances and experiences concerning Sound/Noise Pollution and traffic?.

Many Thanks,
25 Sep '19

Hi Ade,

Could you elaborate on the purpose of this research, and the organisation you’re working on behalf of?


26 Sep '19

I am an A-level student carrying out this research for my NEA.

13 Oct '19

Noise in the Bell Green area is substantial but many Londoners have become acclimatised to it sadly. It is extremely noticeable during the (Bank) Holidays! Many cars on the roads stuck in intense congestion! A clear example of poor town planning as arguably there should not be as many retailers in one concentrated area. Salisbury’s car park is unnecessarily big as it only operates at more than half capacity during Christmas season also. This space could have been used for some adequate street routes in and out of the area.


15 Feb '20

It’s noisy and congested. My car broke down near Sainsbuys and I could t get out to raise the bonnet to get it going, the cars were whizzing past desperate to get through the lights. It’s also really polluted. A no go zone.