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Sydenham’s body therapist

4 Sep '19

Hi Community. I’m a newbie to this forum, but not to Sydenham where I’m 15 years a resident. Just thought I’d introduce myself: I’m the local Thai Massage/Thai-yoga-Massage therapist here. Based 7 days per week at the new Dragonfly Yoga studios at 22a-24 Sydenham Road, directly across the road from Here For Good and Wellbeing. As ‘Spiritual Thai’, I offer safe body and mind therapy in the treatment room here and have a presence in the reception area with a Thai treatment mat and privacy screen and my Thai table.

I focus on remedial issues, back issues, sore legs, tension in the neck, shoulder, upper back… I’ve long worked with yoga teachers & class goers, dancers, cyclists, stressed parents, office and manual workers and sports, martial arts people and musicians. Everyone has something! *Using a Thai treatment mat & sometimes a table, I work in a manner that suits Western tastes, working GRADUALLY into deeper levels. I frequently have offers on. For anxiety & sleep issues, I offer a really calming non-massage therapy. (issues with certain browsers). 07501 978 509
Best wishes All…
Spiritual Thai - Traditional Thai (yoga) Massage and Thai medicine.