Archived on 6/5/2022

What’s with this mess? Derby Hill Crescent

1 Aug '19

There is a growing pile of refuse that is strewn around the bins outside this block of flats that seems to have been intentionally ignored by the council… The wind and animals are spreading it further afield.

Sure we could do better.

1 Aug '19

Very clear photo - why not report the mess to FixMyStreet and include it to illustrate?

5 Aug '19

Someone beat me to it. Mess looking worse this morning.

5 Sep '19

Just to mention that the council did clean up after the Fixmystreet report. However within days the build of refuse and litter strewn across the green started again.

I raised a new report on fms but this one was closed straight away by James Mills with no reason or response provided… the closed report posted here

I do wonder why the block of flats have their bins out the front opposite the road on the kerb by the small public green. Should their bins not be placed within the estate?

14 Oct '19

There seems to be fly tipping there every other week unfortunately. There is a fox den in the nearby garden, so rubbish then gets strewn across the green.
I wonder if the council could set up some kind of surveillance, someone must be driving there specifically to dump rubbish?