Archived on 6/5/2022

Cherry and Ice [Permanently Closed]

15 Jun '19

Cherry and Ice is looking absolutely brilliant and the plan is for the back to be an art gallery/space…

Just reopened after a few issues with the refurb so pop in and show some love especially with the sun out… ice-cream and smoothies!! :wink:

20 Jun '19

Great to have jerk chicken rice n beans and a fabulous greeting from Cherry and Ice.

Welcome back, good luck with the new space #supportlocal

3 Jul '19

The art gallery at the back (and the secret garden that I didn’t know existed until last week!) is all set-up and the first events since the refurb are:

Had a good chinwag with William today who is trying to make cherry and ice a real social community hub with the refurb and events etc. So keep your eye out for events in the window, on Facebook/Twitter and show some love :slight_smile:

5 Dec '19

Very sad to report:

5 Dec '19

Always sad to see this happen. Although I’ll be honest I didn’t realize this was an eatery. The name ‘Cherry and Ice’ and the shop front made me think this was purely a dessert shop which is why I never went there as I don’t really eat sweet things. It’s only now that I read the menu posted above that I see they actually did meals. Just shows you the power of naming your business and your branding in engaging customers. Maybe these guys could have a rethink in their next venture as I’m sure if they could engage the locals to know what they really were they might have had a bit more success. I wish them all the best for the future.

5 Dec '19

So no truth in the local rumour that it was because they didn’t pay the rent for the past year. Went in twice and found it had Soho prices. Often thought it was closed due to the tinted windows.

5 Dec '19

Gutted about this!