Archived on 6/5/2022

Brown and Green Cafe in Crystal Palace Park will be cash-free

23 Apr '19

How do people feel about this?

  • Cash free is a positive development
  • I prefer to have cash as an option
  • No strong opinion
  • Other (please comment)

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23 Apr '19

And there I was with my old-fashioned vision of kids buying an ice cream in the park… memories of a different age :relieved:

23 Apr '19

@Vennerist have you seen ?

My son has one and it’s been superb. I can see what he’s up to on my phone as he spends. I want him to learn some responsibility with the plastic.

23 Apr '19

That looks like a great idea. Shall pass on to my family as suggestion for young cousins. Harder to understand what money is when constantly just see people tapping their card.

23 Apr '19

@AidenH well I never! A marvellous idea although all too clever for this old stick in the mud I’m afraid

24 Apr '19

@AidenH interesting, I hadn’t seen that before!

Too many shops have been robbed lately and naturally a cash-free till makes staff safer.

Not only that, but high street bank branches are closing, making it harder for shops to process cash. And most people use contactless anyway.

I fully support cash-free shopping.