Archived on 6/5/2022

Loud music at Bell Green

22 Apr '19

Hi all,

New to the forum and wanted to check to see if anyone else can hear and/or is bothered by the loud music neighbours are playing on Bell Green?

Thdre are three massive club speakers and DJ decks. Same occurrence happened last year…

Can hear even with all the windows and doors closed. Annoying!

22 Apr '19

Happens every now and again, no idea who or what it is but I think it’s speakers in a van. They park up somewhere in Bell Green usually on a bank holiday or a Sunday!

22 Apr '19

Ah good to know! Thank you. they’ve stopped now thankfully…!

20 May '19

It’s the Bell Green pub. They have PA’s over some of the bank holiday weekends or when it’s Independence Day celebrations for Jamaica etc