Archived on 6/5/2022

Characterisation Study consultation

4 Apr '19

Lewisham Council are consulting on a new area characterisation study which includes fascinating information on all parts of the borough – plus characterisations of Sydenham, Sydenham Hill and Bellingham.

The consultation is open until the 23 April 2019.

A copy of the study is available HERE

The document you are being asked to comment on is at the base of the on-line page or look at it HERE

Sections of particular interest to residents in this part of the borough are The West (from p158) which includes Sydenham, Sydenham Hill & Forest Hill starting on page 174; and The South (from p202) which includes Bell Green, Bellingham and Southend Village.

Are there aspects of the area that should be noted but aren’t – eg aspects of the built heritage, important views, estate greens, local woodland?

Please complete the online consultation to make your views known

4 Apr '19

Crikey, that’s a huge (and actually very interesting) document. Thanks for sharing :+1:

15 Feb '20

Call me cynical, but I think this survey is is compiled so that Lewisham can find new areas to build rather than save its present character