Archived on 6/5/2022

291-307 Kirkdale refurbishment (Cobbs Corner building) - Public Consultation

5 Mar '19

This plan is for the refurbishment and rebuilding of the upper floors of the Cobb’s Corner building (that’s the one with the dome!)

Please note that the consultation is not at Cobb’s but is in the church hall at the rear of St Bartholomew’s Church

10 Westwood Hill SE26 6QR

7 Mar '19

Damn that’s brilliant. Was just thinking the other day that something needs to happen there ! I wonder if this affects the laser quest ?

9 Mar '19

Surprised this isn’t getting more interest!

9 Mar '19

It’s not even been posted on the other forum. Curious as to who will turn up.

11 Mar '19

A sensitive refurbishment that gets my wholehearted thumbs up. Thank goodness it won’t be a modern-style monolith.