Archived on 6/5/2022

SmartShop coming to Bell Green Sainsbury’s on 20th Feb
16 Feb '19

Should make for a much smoother shopping experience at Sainsbury’s:

16 Feb '19

I’ve seen this at Waitrose and maybe for “Waitrose customers” it’s safe. Not being funny, but for Bell Green? How many people will sneak stuff away without scanning?

17 Feb '19

I thought the same when I first tried this, but I understand that the supermarkets do spot checks.

All their stock levels are monitored by computer. So even though they do get some theft due to abuse of shopsmart, they must have calculated that it’s overall worthwhile, as the rollout is continuing.

What I like about Sainsbury’s system (unlike Waitrose) is that it offers a mobile app, so you can just use your phone and don’t have to carry around one of their scanners: