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The Wren Spire Hidden On A Sydenham Housing Estate

10 Feb '19

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22 Feb '19
19 Nov '19
5 Dec '19

I was interested in the statement that the Wren Spire was transported to Sydenham by horse and cart. I am certainly not challenging it, but would be interested to know its source. I had previously understood (seemingly now wrongly) that it was shipped by boat on the old Croyden canal.

Robin Harrild (great*3 grandson of Robert Harrild)

6 Dec '19

The Heritage of London Trust and the Sydenham Society celebrated the refurbishment of the St Antholin’s Tower in Round Hill built by Sir Christopher Wren, last week.

The Round Hill spire was part of St Antholin’s Church, which was one of 51 churches rebuilt after the Great Fire of London.

In 1829, the upper part of the spire was damaged in a storm, but it was rescued and sold for £5 to one of St Antholin’s churchwardens, Robert Harrild.

Harrild, a printing pioneer, brought Round Hill House and had the spire transported by horse and cart to be re-erected on a brick plinth in his garden.

Children from nearby Holy Trinity Primary School attended the ceremony

Because of its “out of the way” location most locals are unaware of the tower. Find it here:

16 Dec '19