Archived on 6/5/2022

Willow Way development

7 Feb '19

Why u no exist ?

Anyone know why there’s that huge piece of land sat next to willow way with nothing on it ? Does Lewisham have any plans to develop? I’ve seen an old proposal but I think it was more of an imagining that something solid.

Also is anything happening with that derelict old police station ? Sad with it just sat there.

7 Feb '19

This site has regularly been drawn to the attention of the owners, Lewisham the owners, by the Sydenham Society as available after the Adamsrill School decamp, especially as the unadopted road continually is a tipping dump.
Hopefully it is now on the Environmental Dept’s radar for rubbish collection.
It is understood LBL are now considering the site’s future use.