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Sydenham Book Group

1 Feb '19

Are you interested in joining a local book group that doesn’t take itself too seriously?
If so we’re looking for new members. We meet once a month on the last Wednesday, and discuss the book for that month. We then make a choice of book to read and discuss in two months time. We take it in turns to nominate a short list each month, so we often read books that we might not have thought of reading ourselves.
We currently meet in The Golden Lion, it’s quiet enough to hear our discussion, but we are open to meeting at other venues.
If you’re interested, reply here, or send me a pm.
Many Thanks


1 Feb '19

J R - If you can stick down the time/s (unless they are not consistent) then I can post it up on the twittersphere/social media for you. / Chris has kindly put a link to this thread on twitter but be good for me to pop up the details for those but who either don’t use or are “followers” of me but not etc.

Hope you find a few more participants - may be worth advertising at Kirkdale books too (though I know they have their own club I think so wouldn’t want to create heat between the two of you. Especially with all that paper around. Bada boom. Yep, I’m practising for old man jokes a good few years ahead of time :wink:

1 Feb '19

Afraid I am on holiday that week but otherwise would be keen to join so please post details of next meet and book once agreed. Thanks

1 Feb '19

We get there from 7:30 pm, same time each month, and usually discuss for a couple of hours, and then carry on drinking and talking about other stuff afterwards.

Book for end of February is Elmer Gantry - Sinclair Lewis

and for March is Fatherland - Robert Harris.

we did previously approach Kirkdale bookshop, but as you say they didn’t want to promote a book club that isn’t theirs.

1 Feb '19

Just a little forum post tip borrowed from Natalie, who runs SE23 Book Club: if you include links to in your post e.g.

… they’ll automatically expand into nice summary boxes like this:

And then when the forum topic is shared on social media, the front cover becomes the image in the social shares, making them more eye catching.

2 Feb '19

Hi Jon, I would be interested in joining the book club. Do I just turn up at your next meeting? Alda

2 Feb '19


Interested in signing up for the book club. How do I sign up?


4 Feb '19

Morning @Alds and @Ella_Halimi , yes just turning up is fine, you’ve posted on here so we know you’re interested.
The Golden Lion sometimes show football or have music playing so we don’t always sit in the same place, due to sound levels,making it more or less difficult to hear each other. I will let the others know that you might turn up.
Is not a big pub so we’ll be easy enough to find.

25 Feb '19

Hi Jon how to join you for this meeting and what book is going to be discussed on this Wednesday? Can I just pop in the pub thanks
Kind regards
Anjum Raza

25 Feb '19

Hi @Anjum_Raza and welcome to the forum :wave:

There are more details about the upcoming Book Group meeting earlier in this topic

7 Mar '19

thank chris much informative

12 Mar '19

hey @anon77jr I’m keen too, when’s the next meeting?

13 Mar '19

Last Wednesday of March, from 7.30pm.