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Livesey Memorial Hall

27 Jan '19

Today I stumbled upon this wonderful blog post by Running Past about Livesey Memorial Hall, a rather topical subject:

I am ambivalent about the gas holders, but fond of the building they tower over.

27 Jan '19

Good share @Vennerist

One thing I noticed:

Does this imply that Southwark Council (as opposed to Lewisham) currently own the building?

28 Jan '19

It’s been renovated substantially on the inside . It’s a wonderful venue for weddings and music and theatre with massive potential .
When I went there last time I heard the regular club part of the building was closed for a year whilst the big hall was done up .
My last visit was for a weddding but I remember Sydenham Arts once hosted a really good “ Colours of India “ with dancing , music and interactive Bhangra. It’s a great asset to Sydenham .

5 May '19
25 Jan '20
5 Sep '20

Photos shared by @SGasWorks on Twitter

Ready for the opening ceremony at the Livesey Memorial Hall, 1911:

… And from 1928, the cast of the Sydenham gasworkers’ childrens’ Christmas show, at the Livesey Memorial Hall: