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Heathrow Flight Path Consultation- deadline 4th March

16 Jan '19

Some residents have received a consultation leaflet thru the door. There are huge changes in Heathrow flightpaths being planned, many additional London overflights proposed whether or not there is a 3rd runway and the opportunity to say something about it is now. Many have experienced South East Londoners getting a raw deal indeed from London City when they implemented new flightpaths. Engaging with the consultation at least means we will be properly represented.

Airport Watch (a good source of analysis and information says:-

Just kicking this off for discussion, and thought this major change is worth a thread in its own right - much more info and discussion about aircraft noise and the joint impacts of Heathrow and London City Airports on residents are in the existing thread on aircraft noise.

16 Jan '19

Thanks for posting this ThorNogson, this is a massive issue and the community need to get their voice heard. I have read the thread with interest as I spend my time between both areas and both are just as bad. Like you say that people are not being flown over currently need to take heed too as this will affect them in the future. Be interested to hear of any local meetings about this.

29 Jan '19

A new north-west runway and terminal at Heathrow will add a minimum of 47 new flights per day over south-east London.

31 Jan '19

A few people have complained that Heathrow is not holding consultation events in SE London. I asked why and they said they were focused on areas where planes would be under 4000ft - which they say will not include us. Nevertheless, our area will see many more Heathrow planes on new flightpaths, as well as of course London City-bound planes.

Well now there is a public meeting with Heathrow, on Monday. Details are below.

There will be a meeting about the Heathrow Consultation focusing on the impact of the proposals on East, North East and South East London on Monday 4th Feb at 7pm.

It will be held in the Novotel London Blackfriars Hotel, 46 Blackfriars Rd, South Bank, London SE1 8NZ.

The venue is a short walk from Waterloo Station and from Southwark Underground Station and a few minutes more from London Bridge.

The meeting will be chaired by HACAN but senior people from Heathrow will be there to explain and answer questions on their consultation proposals.

It will be the only consultation meeting focusing specifically East, North East and South East London.

Here are two short briefings which HACAN has done you might find useful to have a look at before the meeting:

Here is the way the proposals could impact East and NE London:

Here is the way the proposals could impact SE London:

1 Feb '19

I will try and make this, thanks very much for sharing.

12 Feb '19

Still unsure about whether to respond to Heathrow and make sure our area’s views are heard? It’s now easy to make sense of what to say with the help of the Forest Hill Society’s new guide to the consultation for South East Londoners. For each Heathrow question, there are suggestions about what the key issues are for people in our area and what we might say about them.!AuV6NOp8I8tAkX-wJntuswM5961T

The deadline for responding to Heathrow’s proposed redesign of flight paths over London is 4th March.

16 Feb '19

Thanks for sharing @ThorNogson I have filled it in and hope as many people as possible in the areas do too.

19 Feb '19