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Footzie Social Club - Planning Application

4 Jan '19

New to the area and understand that this site has a long history of planning disputes. What do people think of the new application?

Planning Application

4 Jan '19

Good spot.

This is the last attempt:

Can anyone see what’s changed?

4 Jan '19

Thanks for sharing, @Betty2016, and welcome to :+1:

The old application, which was refused, had the following summary:

New application:

Looks like they scaled it down significantly!

4 Jan '19

From my initial research it appears it’s the same one! The first one wasnt determined in time by LB Bromley and the developers appealed. That will be heard at public enquiry in the Summer. It seems as though they have put the same application in again as they believe the permission for the adjacent Maybrey Works scheme will assist the Council in finding in their favour. Totally bemusing!
18 Sep '20
2 Oct '20