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No overnight rail service on New Year’s Eve
11 Dec '18

It appears that TfL aren’t providing any overnight Overground services on New Year’s Eve to Sydenham.

The final train will be as per a normal Monday evening with the Southern train from London Bridge

The last connection to Sydenham by changing at New Cross Gate from Canada Water is at 0031 which meets the Southern train.

12 Dec '18

More Sydenham bound wonders from our “excellent” public transport links! :scream:

12 Dec '18

And yet prices continue to rise

14 Dec '18

There is however an overnight service to Penge East and Sydenham Hill every 30 mins from Victoria until 0328 on Southeastern.

28 Dec '18

Totally ambiguous weasel words from TfL received today - you might almost believe we are getting a service on New Year’s Eve.

Has any one heard of any material change ?

Dear Mr Doherty,

On New Year’s Eve, customers will be able to enjoy TfL public transport through the night and travel for free between 23:45 and 04:30.

Travel will be free on bus, Tube, Tram, DLR, London Overground, and TfL Rail services. Many of these services will run later than usual with replacement buses running in some cases, and central London is expected to be busy so remember to plan ahead before you travel. For full details, please visit our New Year’s Eve travel page.

TfL services will continue to run over Christmas and New Year. Timetable and service changes will affect journeys throughout this period so remember to plan ahead. For full details, visit our Christmas travel page.

I wish you a very happy New Year.
Yours sincerely,
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Vernon Everitt
Managing Director
Customers, Communication and Technology