Archived on 6/5/2022

Doctor Recommendations?

7 Dec '18

Could anyone kindly recommend a good local doctor? I’m renting near Wells Park Practice but I have no idea whether it’s a good shout, or if there are better options locally.

I don’t mind travelling a little.

7 Dec '18

I live opposite Wells Park Practise so automatically joined without thinking about other options. Never had a big issue but also not needed it much. However they were super handy when I managed to burn my hands with boiling water last year. Convenience won!
Otherwise getting a non urgent appointment can be a bit of a pain but again as I am so close I just join the early morning queue before work and get it arranged face to face rather than waiting on the phone.

8 Dec '18

Thanks Sgc!

12 Dec '18

The two occasions I needed to use Sydenham Green I got appointments on the same day.