Archived on 6/5/2022

New council housing close to corner of Mayow Park [Planning Approved]

5 Dec '18


See photo of existing building which will be demolished as part of the scheme HERE

10.30am - 2.30pm Saturday 15th December

Forest Hill School
Main Atrium

Dacres Road SE23 2XN

See map of Forest Hill School HERE

This event will present proposals to develop a new residential building in place of the existing warehouse structure on Mayow Road (north-eastern corner of Mayow Park). The site location is marked in red above.

6 Dec '18

First reaction: how dare they build in Mayow Park!!

Upon seeing the existing structure and reminding oneself that no park space is likely to be lost: I think we can support this one.

Lewisham needs more housing and it has to go somewhere. Far better that the housing goes on a warehouse site than on a historic building or a green space.

25 Sep '19

More information:
31 Oct '19

6 Nov '19

Planning approved:

7 Nov '19

Is there anyway to object to this now that it has been granted?