Zigghy Cafe [Dining/Drinking] (11)
Dog walker/Cat sitter [Local Services] (1)
Chalk and Feather Bridal and Tailoring Alterations [Local Services] (1)
Business and Tax advice for a small business and starters [Local Services] (2)
International Womens Day at TNG [Events] (1)
Bell Green Redevelopment - Public Meeting [Events] (9)
Consultation on new housing close to corner of Mayow Park [2018] [Events] (3)
Consultation on new housing close to corner of Mayow Park [2019] [Events] (2)
:warning: Wells Park Road Blocked [Streetscape] (1)
Where are you from? [General] (2)
Blackbird Bakery coming to Sydenham? [Not yet, sadly] [Shops] (2)
Share your Sydenham Pictures ( 2 ) [Streetscape] (22)
Running Coaching [Fitness/Health] (1)
Sydenham Assembly [Events] (4)
Planned demolition of 109-111 Kirkdale for new shops and flats [Streetscape] (4)
The Great North Wood: A Green and Pleasant Land [Naturescape] (1)
Nominations: Sydenham’s top tweeters [General] (1)
Penge East Station Cat [Naturescape] (1)
Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) charging begins on April 8th, and in 2021 will extend into Lewisham [Streetscape] (2)
Pombombing on Newlands Park, Sydenham [Streetscape] (1)
Lewis Lee missing from Sydenham [Found] [General] (2)
Sydenham Police Community Contact Sessions 2019 [Events] (2)
Special Offer for new nursery launching at Dylon Works, Lower Sydenham [Parenting/Schools] (1)
The Greyhound [Dining/Drinking] (12)
Learn to make sushi! [Local Services] (1)
Issues in Mayow Park Community Garden (chalk; bread for birds) [Naturescape] (1)
Forum Software Improvements - Keeping up with Facebook Groups [Site Feedback] (1)
Golden Lion Coffee Shop [Open from 4th March] [Dining/Drinking] (1)
Wild swimming spot Beckenham Place Park [Opening in May] [Naturescape] (15)
Bell Green Gas Holder Demolition, 7th January 2019 ( 2 3 ) [Streetscape] (57)